It seems like just last week, but the reality is that it’s been a couple of years. We were well into 2012 when Kickstarter gave a big jolt to the Internet with a promise and made ​​everyone dream. Called OUYA and was a project that promised hopeful return the game to a simpler era when large corporations had not corrupted one of the most beautiful arts.

Android would not stop growing and many have predicted that the next step would be facing devices to the TV, but the first guys were OUYA who dared to present a serious option. An Android-based console that would be nice, functional, economic and be free from the vices of large corporations.Nothing could go wrong.But many things went wrong. In principle, the quality of OUYA ended up being questionable. The initial catalog of the video game console that was basically attempt to null. The Software screaming everywhere I needed urgent adjustments. And not even the developers managed to make the console a halfway decent media center.

OUYA finished setting a precedent complicated for Android devices market oriented as enhancers TV screen


Sure, it’s true that a lot has happened since that poor initial contact. Gradually OUYA developers have managed to fix the errors and now the owners who initially felt quite annoying but they begin to see how their small consoles become what they should be in principle. But it is also true that two years have passed, the hardware OUYA is practically obsolete and blemish. Despite the complicated situation in the industry, Google and Amazon have decided to take the risk currently on this type of device which is very different from what it was when OUYA presented . At that time we all had high expectations but now it seems that nobody is willing to risk a console / multimedia system based on Android. And no wonder at all if you take into account what the experience taught us.
But somehow the downturn of enthusiasm seems to have affected the manufacturers. And without knowing how many units sold by OUYA ,now or how well will your competitors and imitators, big as Google and Amazon recently decided to bet on similar projects , regardless of everything points to that OUYA and all similar devices were a failure.
This is when we can not help but wonder why it is so juicy for these companies to dare to take such a risk. Maybe after all if no market for these devices may only do lack a proper mix of software, hardware and services to carry these little Android based systems to take over the market.

Nexus vs Fire and the OUYA

nexus player gang

Although they look quite similar, the reality is that they are radically different. Yes, in essence Hardware and Software very similar to an Android smartphone adapted to run on large screens, but OUYA was always 100% focused on video games . Google and Amazon have gone in the opposite direction,focusing its efforts on the consumption of TV content like movies and video.

This is where there is some hope for this niche. And is that while the game industry is full of vices we hate, the quality of their titles and the huge investments made ​​in them achieve tethering of gamers. However Microsoft has failed to gain control of Internet TV and devices such as Roku and Apple TV govern with an iron hand in this niche.

This is where the strongest of products from Amazon and Google is that Internet television is not only the future but is becoming a powerful present by which more and more people bet. In the case of Amazon, the company has been doing quite well in what regards to deliver content and gradually Google is learning what they need to know.That’s why the answer to the question that opens this post is subject to the needs of each user. The Fire and Nexus TV Player are large multimedia devices that can compete on equal terms with other devices like Apple TV and even surpass them in many ways. Both Google and Amazon have a long way yet to have the scope and supply having Roku in countries like United States, but that counterbalance with greater flexibility in their products.


In the gaming world things are not so clear. The bulk of the developers is not convinced by offers of Google, Amazon, OUYA and many others and yet we see games that might even venture to compete with what we see in Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita in terms of plot depth . Android game consoles are still too Indies, and it takes more than that to seduce a more demanding public .

Therefore, we can say that if you want to enjoy your favorite series on Netflix , play movies from a memory and occasionally remember some of your favorite childhood games on an emulator, then both the Nexus Player as well as the Fire TV is ready to give them shelter in their home and make you happy. Not so if yours are the truly epic games, you will find a big disappointment in these gadgets. GeekNewsAmazon Fire TV,Android,Console,Nexus Player,OUYA
It seems like just last week, but the reality is that it's been a couple of years. We were well into 2012 when Kickstarter gave a big jolt to the Internet with a promise and made ​​everyone dream. Called OUYA and was a project that promised hopeful return the game to...