Arrivals this time of the year, the problem that most geeks face is what is the most appropriate gift for both their peers and themselves. Yes, we have almost all the smartphone, tablet or laptop we want at this time of year.

This is when we begin to question what is the appropriate gift. If you have not taken your first steps with home entertainment systems then surely it is good time to get you started. If instead you already have some experience with this then surely you know the value you can bring to your living room and are looking for ways to improve what you already have at home.

For here we willing to give an overview of some systems and accessories that could well be excellent Christmas gifts.

Game consoles

Game consoles

The consoles were no longer merely devices aimed at video games for quite some time. Currently manufacturers are trying with all their might enhance the multimedia capabilities of their little suckers to make the protagonists of the room.

  • Xbox One: Microsoft has been quite clear with the Xbox One as they have decided to make this console ultimate entertainment center. Xbox One alternative unlike Sony does not focus on the game at 100% but content consumption is a key part of its strategy to enter the room and with a much more complete than the Sony catalog is a great alternative.
  • PlayStation 4: Although not as strong in the multimedia section as its rival, the PlayStation 4 is not entirely defenseless and as the months go by we will get more applications and add-ons that will make such a complete multimedia system like Microsoft. And of course, one can not rule out still more raw power for gaming.
  • PlayStation 3: Did not want to rule PS3 from the list because it has a good catalog of applications and supplements in addition to their reading of Blu-ray, which could work very well for those who are looking for an economical entertainment.


Recently, new players have been adding to the world of video game consoles thanks to the efforts of Android and this is why we must not only pay attention to Sony and Microsoft.

  • OUYA: Although its hardware is becoming old and had some problems at first, OUYA has improved since its initial release. Besides being the Android console reference, also works as a good media center thanks to the handful of applications available for that purpose among which include Kodi (XBMC).
  • Mad Catz MOJO: With very similar to OUYA approach, Mad Catz went on sale a few months ago with its game console based on Android . The difference here is that it offers a more powerful processor, more RAM and many improvements among which is a better command. Besides having a clean version of Android, Mad Catz console allows you to use the services of OUYA and Kodi, so it can be a great media center.


Player Nexus

The streamers market is gaining more adherents to the extent that competition is becoming fiercer. We do not know how juicy is that market, it seems that lately everyone wants to take a slice of this cake.

  • Google Chromecast: If you have an Android tablet or smartphone this is a great addition that you should make if you have not already. The best of the small stick of Google is that it offers outstanding value and basically works quite well.
  • Apple TV: A better alternative if you’re using the Apple ecosystem. Although not offer much content as most of its competitors but it is a great complement to your iPhone or iPad, especially through AirPlay.
  • Roku 3: Roku is considered by many to be the brand that offers best services and streaming Internet TV. Its extensive portfolio is unmatched in any of the competing alternatives. Additionally you can choose one of the many other streamers Roku offers for lower cost.
  • Player Nexus: The new streamer of Google is its firm commitment to the consumption of content from the lounge. It is an attractive alternative that offers good service catalog plus the option of serving as adding the command console sold separately. Despite still being a little green is a good option if you take into account the compatibility with Chromecast .
  • Amazon Fire TV: If someone is good at selling content is Amazon and lounge have not disappointed in the least. Its catalog of streaming is the full course of Roku and the game is even better than Google , so it is one of the best alternatives to be considered.

Sound Systems


Although most systems of high fidelity sound are quite restrictive, if you want to take a big leap to your home entertainment system, it is an investment that could well be worth it. Here are some options with very good price.

  • Speakers: The Golden Ear Triton 7 offer an amazing sound for a very affordable price (compared to what competitors offer). In the configuration we will find a pair of 5.25-inch drivers mounted in front, and two subwoofers mounted on the sides.
  • Subwoofer: A great alternative is the SVS PC-2000 , with drivers 12-inch and 500-watt amplifier, will be a big increase for the depth of sound you get from your movies and videos.

You can always supplement your sound system with a sound bar or dig a little deeper into some alternatives. Also, if you have not chosen a 4K TV, this might be a good time to consider one and prepare for coming changes in home entertainment in the coming months. GeekGadgetsAmazon Fire TV,Console,Home Theater,Streamers,subwoofers
Arrivals this time of the year, the problem that most geeks face is what is the most appropriate gift for both their peers and themselves. Yes, we have almost all the smartphone, tablet or laptop we want at this time of year. This is when we begin to question what is...